one image // different editing styles

When you first decide you want to become a photographer, you have to decide what your photography style is.  Don’t worry, it might take you awhile to figure out!  When we first started, we had the bright colors / contrasty style.  Eventually it evolved to soft / pinkish / romantic feel.  We changed our editing a few times to really get ‘our’ look.  We were kind of known for our specific look that some people would even tell us that they knew it was our pictures based on the editing.

Every photographer is different, and there are a lot of editing styles out there!  We thought it would be fun to show you how you can get 7 different looks with the same image!  Which style is your favorite?!  Let us know what you guys think!

photography editing

straight out of the camera photography028

edited in photoshop using florabella actions and then touched up in photoshopphotography039

edited in lightroom using erin tole preset and then touched up in photoshopphotography031

this is our very own editing style!  edited in photoshopphotography030

edited in lightroom using Red Leaf preset then touched up in photoshopphotography038

edited in lightroom using Mastin Lab preset and then touched up in photoshopphotography037

edited in lightroom using vsco preset and then touched up in photoshopphotography033

edited in lightroom using vsco preset and then touched up in photoshopphotography032

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pick your own fruit

First time for our family to go to a fruit/vegetable farm and pick our own!

photography022 photography023 photography024 photography025 photography026 photography027

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throwback thursday // balloon classic

Every year in Indianola, IA, they have the National Balloon Classic. Last year was the first time my family and I have ever been to it, and this year we have to miss it, so I figured this would be a good #tbt! It was so pretty, and of course the kids loved the games there. All Beckham cared about was the lemonade! 😉

photography004photography016photography001photography002photography003photography010 photography006photography007photography005 copyphotography008photography009photography018photography011photography012photography013You can’t tell in the pics, but I was pregnant with Sebastian during this time!photography014photography015photography017photography019photography020photography021

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wisconsin family trip 2016

For the 4th of July weekend, we decided to head up to Eagle River, WI to my husband’s parent’s cabin.  It’s definitely our home away from home…we love going up there!  We wish we could go up there more often, but it’s a 7 hr drive from Des Moines.  That’s long with 4 kids!

I got Nick a GoPro a couple years ago for his birthday, and I think I use it more than him 😉  Love how it’s small, easy to carry, a wide angle, and waterproof.  One thing I dislike is it doesn’t have a viewfinder.  It’s hard not to see what I’m taping or photographing until I view it on my computer…something I’m not used to!  You kind of hope for the best when you’re using it!

The day before we left for our trip, I was thinking it would be a nice to capture the whole weekend via video.  I knew the GoPro would be perfect for it!  It gets pretty complicated trying to take videos and pictures with one camera especially with a fancy camera like my Fuji.  I knew I just wanted to capture the moment instead of having the video be all fancy with special angles or have it blurry in the background kind of what the professional videographers do in their wedding videos 😉  I just wanted my video to be simple!  If something fun was going on, I just grabbed the GoPro and started recording.  Didn’t have to worry about focus or adjusting the camera for lighting!  It definitely made taking videos super easy.

I edited the video using iMovie.  I just inserted all the videos on there and got rid of the videos/frames I didn’t like.  The hardest part was trying to cut down the video, so it wasn’t too long!  I started off with 20 minutes after everything, but then cut it down more and more until I got it down to 9 minutes!  3 songs later!…oh well!  It was too hard to get rid of the ones that I wanted to remember 😉

Here’s the final video!  Enjoy!

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the going home photo

I was going through some images and came across a photo taken at the hospital when we were about to head home after having Mariah.   I remember that moment perfectly.  I told Nina to take a photo with my iPhone.  Everyone takes a “going home photo” right?  I remember looking at the photo after she took it and did this…

Ok, so that’s really dramatic which is not at all what I did.  😉  I did know that this going home photo was going to be tucked away in my hard drive…FOREVER (until now).

BELOW:  Ready to POP!


BELOW:  2 days after giving birth and about to leave the hospital and SWOLLEN.


This was my 4th rodeo.  At least this time I was prepared.  I had maternity leggings and maternity shirts in my overnight bag for my hospital stay.  When I had my first child, I literally thought I’d be back to my pre pregnancy body so I packed “regular” clothes.  Tell me I’m not the only one who had this thought!  Talk about a reality check…I remember trying to fit my leg into the jeans I brought and well, it couldn’t even get past my thigh.

Since no one really tells you how days after pregnancy really are, here’s an inside scoop….

  1. Be prepared to wear huge pads probably the size of the newborn diaper your baby will wear.
  2. You will bleed…a lot.  (reason for the pads)
  3. Ice packs for your private area never felt sooooo good.
  4. Be prepared to wear huge stretchy mesh granny panties.  Thongs are not going to be holding those huge pads in place!
  5. They will push on your stomach a lot.  Gotta make sure those blood clots are out!
  6. Are you modest?  Throw that out of the window.  You are like a baby yourself.  They will have to check your private area multiple times a day.
  7. Peeing will be such a huge accomplishment.
  8. Take the laxatives consistently that the nurses give you.  If you don’t, prepare to be super constipated.
  9. You will still look pregnant so plan wisely when packing your overnight hospital bag.  Maybe 4-6 months instead of 9 months pregnant.  You may feel and look heavier and more swollen after you give birth than when you were actually pregnant.
  10. Your stomach will be squishy and look like a deflated balloon.
  11. Take advantage of the nursery while you’re at the hospital.  Have them watch your baby while you rest.  When you’re at home, you’ll wish someone was wheeling your baby right next to you.
  12. Once your milk actually comes in, you will look like you had a boob job.  They will be hard as a rock.
  13. Breastfeeding doesn’t come as easy as you had imagined.  It may be easy at the hospital but once your actual milk comes in 3 days after giving birth, it may be a whole new ball game.
  14. Be prepared for nipples to be demolished.
  15. Baby blues do happen.  At least for us….you’re on this all time high at the hospital (you have food served to you, people watching your other kids, everyone helping, giving you medication, peace and quiet) and then once you step inside your home, you have that overwhelming feeling.  You’re now in reality…. your body is still recovering, you need to keep track of your own medicine, you’re adjusting to breastfeeding, you have to take care of your baby (and your other kids), late night feedings, hardly any sleep, your husband goes back to work, your parents/family who were helping have to go back to work/home.
  16. Don’t turn down help…if it’s a free meal, if it’s someone watching your baby for a few hours so you can have a nap, take a shower, or even to go on a date night with your husband
  17. There is no right way.  People will tell you what to do, but you’re the only one who knows what will be best for you and your baby.
  18. Sex after pregnancy may not be very enjoyable for you at first…..or the second time…or the third time.
  19. Even though you may not look your very best or not feel like yourself yet…get in from of the camera.  Those photos may very well become your favorite photos in the future.
  20. ENJOY MOTHERHOOD.  It’ll be tough.  You’ll cry.  You’ll be exhausted.  You’ll be tested.  It will get better.  Days are long, but years will be short.

I disliked that going home image above.  I was swollen and still looked very much pregnant.  Definitely didn’t have a “Heidi Klum body” ready to walk on a runway after popping out a child….and that’s ok.  I look at that image now with a huge smile on my face.  That was the day we got to take home our baby girl who makes our family complete.

BELOW:  December 2015


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fourth of july 2016 // niña

We spent the weekend at the cabin in Wisconsin during the 4th of July weekend.  Unfortunately, we had to leave on the 4th due to Nick’s work meeting the following day, so the holiday was spent mostly in the car 🙁  We didn’t get to our hotel until 7:45pm, so I was definitely that mom that said “Hurry up we’re losing light for pictures!”  I don’t care if we were in the car all day…I need a 4th of July picture 😉  They love me!

Most of the kids’ clothes below is from Gap, and Johannah’s vest is from Target.

045 046 047


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behind the scenes // sophia {9 months}

Another behind the scenes.  This time with a 9 month old.  This was back in 2011.  She was such a doll especially with that little top hat on!

IMG_1797 IMG_1855 IMG_1856

puffs always makes things better…


outfit changes are the worst though…

IMG_1878 IMG_1999 IMG_1994IMG_1993 IMG_1992 IMG_1967 IMG_1933

Why am I in a crate, and why am I wearing this hat?

IMG_1886 IMG_1885

Mom slowly taking the book away with “Sophie” in hand so she’d look and smile at us.


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behind the scenes // t. family

We’ve been talking, and after I posted the daddy behind the scenes of Nick, we thought it would be fun to go back to old photo shoots and show you behind the scene shots of your sessions!  We used to give clients only 25 images.  We would pick the best ones from the session which meant the images where everyone was smiling even when it was a candid shot, so there were a lot of pictures that didn’t make the cut!  Photo shoots could be a stressful thing, so we wanted to show you what happens behind the scenes to get your kids to laugh, what you have to bribe them, to comfort them, unexpected things kids do, and the list goes on!

First family up, is the T. family!  This was in Peoria during a mini session (3.5 yrs ago)…

dad trying to get her to smile037038 039 candy always makes a kid happy 😉040042041  Guess who stepped in while I was trying to take a pic of just mom and dad 😉043 moms are great at comforting their little one…044

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beautycounter | charcoal purifying mask

What an awesome day with my mom and a few of my sisters this past Friday! We had an amazing lunch, the kids played outside while we had an at home spa treatment with Beautycounter‘s Purifying Charcoal Mask, Rosewater, and Lustro Face Oil.  I officially am obsessed with this mask that everyone has been raving about.  Wow! I’m not kidding when I say it’s now in my top 3 list of favorite Beautycounter products.

storyboard013 storyboard012

Charcoal mask – apply on clean skin, use once or twice a week to cleanse pores, removing excess oil & impurities while improving the condition of your skin.  Leave on for 10 minutes or when dry.  We all noticed a difference in 10 minutes!  After removing the mask, Niña: “OMG…my face is so smooth!”  **This goes really well with our Charcoal Cleansing Bar since it deep cleans prepping the skin before applying the mask.  

Rosewater – spray onto face after removing mask with this skin softening toning spray to freshen skin and give a boost of extra hydration

Lustro Face Oil – add a few drops to the palm of your hand, rub hands together, and then press oil onto face for a brighter ultra hydrated complexion

Watch video below!  (Multiple videos in 1 since I ‘Snapped’ these videos)
Snapchat:  cecilia.moyer for more videos and photos

• To target body acne, apply a small amount of Charcoal Mask directly onto any blemishes on dry, newly cleansed skin.
• To treat a blemish on the go, dab a small amount of Charcoal Mask onto the area. After 10 minutes, spritz it with Rosewater Spray, which reactivates the charcoal and adds moisture to gently remove the mask.
• You can target areas of your face that tend to be more oily or congested, like your T-Zone (forehead and nose) or cheeks, by applying Charcoal Mask.
*Remember: Never apply masks to your delicate eye area. Use Any Time Eye Cream or Vibrant Eye Perfector to treat and hydrate the skin around your eyes.

Check out these Clinical Results after using the Charcoal Mask!!
10 minutes after first application:
87% reported that the mask immediately detoxified pores and purified skin.
90% reported that the mask immediately left skin feeling clean and renewed.
87% reported that the mask refined and smoothed skin.

Results after 2 weeks of use:
90% reported that the mask left skin feeling clean and renewed.
87% reported that the mask helped clarify the complexion.
97% reported that the mask refined and smoothed skin.

*Conclusions based on consumer perception study conducted with 31 female subjects, after use twice a week for two weeks.

If you have any questions, please email me at!  Get yours Beautycounter products HERE.

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father’s day // blaine

Here’s a look of how Father’s Day went.  I’m all about making sure the morning starts off on the right foot.  Hendrix and I got up early and went to Hy-vee to grab breakfast for everyone especially daddy’s favorite.  Have you all tried the pistachio muffins from Hy-vee?  OMG…if you love anything pistachio, you’ll have to try it!  Blaine said it was the bomb!


The church service was such a beautiful message.  So good for the soul for the entire family.

For lunch, Blaine chose Jersey Mike’s.  The last time we had Jersey Mike’s was when we lived in Minnesota.  I loved living in Minnesota so I think he was trying to live in the past for a good hour. 😉

It’s a must to do a mini shoot with daddy.  Of course, I told them to go in front of this wall and Blaine was like “Really? It’s such an ugly wall.”  Did he forget I was a professional photographer?  I know what will look good in photos.  🙂

IMG_4128 copystoryboard011

I had to bribe the kids for smiles, and they got to play at this new playground we discovered while riding bikes a week ago.

We ended the night grilling, beer / wine, chocolate chip cookies, and Game of Thrones. Happy Father’s Day to one special Daddy!

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throwback thursday // pool fun

We have a ton of personal pictures from last year or even previous years that we have not posted, so we decided to do a “Throwback Thursday” every week!

Last year, Cecilia and I both had memberships at Lifetime Fitness…pretty sure we used their daycare/pool more than we actually worked out!  Ha! 😉  Here are some pool pictures from last year.  We loved going to the pool there because it was never busy which is a plus when you have that many kids!

(All pics were taken with a GoPro)

033 031 032 030 029 028 027 010 035 026 009 036

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father’s day // nick

Here’s a glimpse of our Father’s Day this year!  Of course it started off with morning snuggles…

003 004

Nick never wants me spending $ on him, so I always do something homemade for him every year. This year, I made an album of him with the kids. 005 006 007 008

We had breakfast at our church before the service…011 012

My homemade photo album was easy to do, but it was very time consuming.  The first thing I did was went through all my personal pictures from last year and this year and selected the ones that had Nick in it.  I take a ton of pictures of Nick, so there was a lot to choose from!  Then, I edited them so all the pictures were consistent and printed them off at Walgreens.  I know, I know, that is such a photographer “NO!” but I couldn’t pass up 1 hour printing and 10 cent prints especially when you’re printing off 200 pictures!  Don’t tell anyone 😉  In case you were wondering, all the pictures were printed a 4×6 except the cover image which is a 5×7.  Once I got the pictures, I grouped the pictures by events, themes, holidays, etc.  Once that was all done, I placed the pictures on the paper by using Scotch {glitter} tape.  (I wouldn’t use washi tape if I was you or else it won’t stay)

Here’s a few pics of some of my favorite pages from the album.  Johannah didn’t believe that the cover was my handwriting 😉  013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021

I had each of the kids draw something for Nick, and I inserted those pages throughout the album.022 023 024

We ended the night with Happy Joe’s pizza for dinner and then had movie night!025

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